Blog Posts

Content Launch writes thousands of blog posts every year for clients in over 70 industries. Our blog post writing services can establish you as a thought leader in your industry, improving the connection you have with your target audience, customers, industry influencers, the media and others.

A blog is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. As the hub of all your content marketing activities, a blog allows you to publish and connect in real time, interacting with those that matter most. A frequently published blog also allows you to capture dozens of first page rankings on Google for all of your important keyword phrases.


Content Launch offers e-book writing services to companies everywhere. As probably the best lead generation tactic ever devised, e-books should educate and inform as well as showcase your thought leadership. They should not overtly sell your products and services.

Your e-books can leverage the viral web to bring your company more inquiries and greater conversions than ever before. Our professional e-book writers can take the thoughts and ideas in your head and compile them into a beautifully designed, content rich e-book that can be used for all types of digital campaigns.

White Papers

Fact: Many of your prospects are seeking information about your industry when they search the web. Before they make a purchase decision, they like to perform online research and in the process, may end up on your site. Once they get there, you need to have downloadable content assets they can easily access. A white paper serves this role perfectly.

A well-written white paper can generate hundreds of leads for your company. And with a series of white papers, your company truly becomes the expert. In addition, you can use white papers in multiple places: your website, your blog, emails, newsletters, social media and more. Create it once and use it again and again for maximum impact. The bottom line? You offer a compelling white paper to your visitors and in exchange you get something more valuable than gold: their contact information.

Website Pages

Content Launch are masters of website content writing. In fact, we are so well known for writing search engine optimized, high conversion site content that Google has rewarded us for it: We have been ranked on the first page for the keyword phrase, "website copywriting" for over 9 years! So, we practice what we preach.

Of course, we all know how important the content writing for your website is; without it, your web presence is simply a bunch of pretty pictures and some navigational links. The words you use on your site connect you to those who want to do business with you. We are experts at content writing for all types of websites.

Landing Pages

Landing page content connects your ad, offer or email campaign with a page on your site that details the offer and includes a contact form to convert the lead. A landing page serves a specific role in driving a specific action from a visitor who responds to an ad, offer or email campaign.

The issue for most companies? They don't use landing pages at all. Instead, they rely on their home page or a services or product page to close the deal. But they rarely work. A landing page helps your prospect focus on the exact thing you want them to focus on. And as a result, your conversions increase. It's a beautiful thing!

Workflow Emails

In marketing today, it's all about building the relationship and staying in touch. Emails help you do that better than any other tactic. Why? Because once you are in your prospects inbox, you are top of mind. And that's critically important when you are fighting for mindshare.

A "workflow" email refers to setting up the architecture and process in your marketing automation platform (like Hubspot) that automatically sends a pre-populated email to someone in your database at regular intervals, like once a week, for example. Just imagine how much business you could generate if 10,000 emails went out every seven days to all of your potential customers. Wow.


Auto-responders are pre-written, automatically sent, personalized emails that are delivered to those who join your newsletter or subscriber list. Providing free tips, advice and ideas (and not sales pitches), these little juggernauts of internet gold can help turbo charge your online lead generation efforts.

Lets face it; every new relationship takes time to develop. And frequent, high value interactions with prospects can reduce the time it takes to build a connection. Auto-responders give prospects a chance to get to know you, over a period of a few weeks so that when they are ready to buy, they'll buy from you. Why? Because they'll feel like they know you.

Press Releases

What is a press release? A press release is a communication written to announce something newsworthy about your company to the media and industry followers. With an effective release, your company's achievements and announcements will finally be noticed.

Content Launch writes high impact press releases for companies in every industry in business today. Press releases are powerful tools in your online marketing arsenal. Giving you the visibility, exposure and credibility you need to stand out from the competition, your releases can serve two simultaneous purposes: get you attention from the media and help improve your search engine optimization - significantly.

Case Studies

Case studies serve a very important role in your marketing efforts: they leverage your client's satisfaction and help to validate your products and services. When you feature them prominently on your site, you can fire up your lead generation quickly and effectively.

Lets face it; people don't trust advertisements anymore. And isn't that what your website is, a big beautiful ad for your business? Without case studies, testimonials and other reviews, your prospects could go to one of your competitor's sites – a competitor that uses case studies to sell. Use Content Launch's case study writing services to stand out.

Feature Length Articles

Article writing has long been one of the cornerstones of effective marketing. Think about it: One of the best ways to establish yourself as an expert in the minds of your prospects and customers is to write and publish articles in your area of expertise. It also helps improve your website ranking. A little longer than a blog post, but not as extensive as a report, these content vehicles can serve your company well: now and for the long term.

Can't write or don't have the time to write? That's where we come in. We'll help you put together a series of articles that utilize your keywords in the best way and gets your point across to your target audience. With our original, value added feature length articles, you can connect with your prospects and significantly improve the number of links coming to your site.

Sell Sheet Content

Content Launch knows online marketing. And we know that effective sales materials can mean the difference between a big sale and someone that's simply kicking the tires. In order to get a potential prospect interested in your products and services, you need to wine and dine them. After all, some prospects like to be courted and almost always, are looking at a number of other vendors. How can you get them one step closer to committing and eventually, close the deal? With powerful, well crafted sell sheet or sales presentation copy.

Branded, benefits rich and crafted in a way that tells your unique story, our sell sheet and flyer content are all you need to double, triple or even quadruple your sales in the next year. We'll use the power of words to put your company over the top and to get the deal done.

Brochure Content

Collateral sales materials are still an important part of any product or service offering. Brochures condense your offering into the fundamental features and benefits that your prospect or customer needs to know about. Including a product overview, testimonials from satisfied clients and your contact information, they are perfect "leave behind" items at business meetings and great for handing out at trade shows and other events.

A good sales brochure does more than describe your company or explain your products. It should be persuasive and show your customer the benefits you offer. Utilizing our brochure writing services to brand your company like the pros do.

Sales Letters

With one simple sales letter, you can revolutionize your business. Here at Content Launch, we have seen it first hand. Over the years, many companies have come to us and explained their challenges with communicating their sales message. After we write an effective sales letter, most of them ended up with a 40% increase or more in sales.

Why? Because your prospects can be persuaded through the power of the written word, we know that. This is especially true if it's done succinctly, effectively and in a way that emotionally connects. Content Launch's sales letter writing services help to raise your selling game.


One of the top goals for every company in business today should be this: to stay in your prospects and customers in boxes. Doing so keeps you "top of mind" and gives you the pole position when it comes time for them to buy a product or service that you sell. When that time comes, they'll naturally think of you. Why? Because you will be on their mind. How do you accomplish this goal? By writing a regular newsletter.

A newsletter is one of the most effective ways to increase sales, and gain long term, loyal customers. It's just a plain and simple fact of online marketing. All the best companies do it and do it very well. Any web expert would tell you that maintaining an active newsletter and keeping an up to date customer database can work wonders for your business. Utilize Content Launch's newsletter writing services and make it happen.

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